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Please fill out the form below to apply to be an artist for this station.

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This application is for artists who either have a table at KimoKawaii or artists who would like to attend KimoKawaii and create anime themed portraits commissioned by our attendees. KimoKawaii's Anime Art Boothby This is simialiar to how "caricture" artists are set up, but this is anime-themed and created with digital art. The prints are sold, printed and distributed by KimoKawaii's Official Merch Booth. By submitting this form you understand the following: 1)You must have an ipad or tablet that can be connected to a wireless printer at the event  2) Artist will be provided a free pass on the day working. 3) Artist will receive a 50% commission of each piece of art sold by KimoKawaii and created by the artist. 4) Artists must be present at the Anime Art Booth during exhibitor hours. Artist gets an hour lunch break. Lunch & break schedule will be provided by the Anime Art Booth Manager upon approval of this application. 5) Artist understands art and photos submitted to this  application will be used for promotional purposes only and acknowledges that the art submitted must be an original piece of art created by the artist's mind and digital creation of the finished art. No art created will be used for resale unless agreed upon in writing by both artist and KimoKawaii's Chief Execitive Officer. Artist Alley artists are welcome to apply. If approved you may complete the art commissions from your table and send file to our wireless printers or emailed to our server to be printed.

"Thank you for applying to the battle of the bands. "

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